The CIA Has a Secret Time Travel Program, but They Won’t Let Us Know About It

According to two National Security US Informants, the Department of Defense developed time travel technology over 45 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government possessed a fully operational time travel machinery built on the quantum access researched by Tesla. This technology has been used in order to cloak military facilities, as well as provide political and economic advantages by way of knowing what the future holds. Some claim the CIA seized Tesla’s papers on teleportation shortly after his death.

One of these two National Informants, Michael Relfe, is a former member of the US armed forces who claimed he was a member of a top-secret US operation. Recruited in 1976, he spent the next 20 years adjusting and expanding one of the two US colonies on Mars. Those bases served as strategic high intelligence research point, and in order to preserve their secrecy, they were built in the future.


Relfe said that after serving 20 years on the Martian colony, he was age-reversed and cast back in time. He claimed that this was the usual procedure and that staff members would usually have some memories blocked or erased before being discharged.

Dr. Andrew D. Basiago was a participant in DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-1972) that focused on time travel in the time-space hologram. He knew that the CIA was actively training groups of gifted American schoolchildren to become the first generation of time-and-space explorers.

Children were better suited for this mission for several ominous reasons. First of all, they were considered ideal candidates due to their clear minds and lack of impressions or experience. The US government wanted to know if time travel had any side effects over younger bodies and minds. The adult volunteers usually became insane after several journeys, but fortunately children had a different brain constitution that could shield them during such a trip.

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The quantum tech can also be used for the political manipulation. Dr. Basiago, an expert shared his thoughts that the future lead persons will be informed earlier that they are about to play an important role in the next years. He further said that he was sitting at the table in Albuquerque, New Mexico while George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush was notified regarding their roles in the future. This particular event was occurred the in 1970’s.

Bill Clinton and president Jimmy Carter was also visited by the time travelers. It is rumored that they also approached President Obama while he was studying at UCLA during 1982. To prove this claim, there are various people who claim that they have attended college with Obama and whenever Obama returns from strange parties, he told them that he is going to be the president of the United States in future. Is this just a coincidence or the conspiracy is real?

Basiago told that he was provided with the pictures of 9/11  attacks in 1971. The pictures was brought back from the future for an analysis. It proves that the government of the United States have complete knowledge about the 9/11 attacks. In fact, they had the knowledge about three decade ago.

If we are to believe the informants and those who support them, this technology is kept secret despite being funded by the general public. They say that people deserve to know what’s really going on, the truth about space exploration and the presence of earthlings on other nearby planets. Teleportation could solve transportation problems worldwide by transferring people and goods instantly.

If their theories prove to be true, we’re missing out on some revolutionary insight and tremendous technological growth that has been denied to us although it exists for so many years. Are we really living in a big, fat lie?

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