Leaked Footage of UFO Flying Extremely Close to a Russian Military Base has Just Surfaced

Leaked military footage of flying objects has recently surfaced and it shows the most amazing thing: a close-up view of a glowing sphere-UFO surprised by the security cameras surrounding a Russian military base. The video reveals further insight on the UFO phenomenon, and it may help us understand the purpose of these mysterious objects.

As shown in the previous articles, the ‘orb-UFOs’ are a common sighting in present days, and there are countless reports and recordings of them. However, there has been no close-up view of the objects until recently.

On July 23, 2009, a military operator safety officer surprised what we presume to be an orb-UFO flying extremely close to the perimeter of a military base. The glowing sphere descended from above and approached the water surface of the Moskva River as if looking for something specific. The vigilant guard spotted and then immediately traced the object on the surveillance camera. Although no clear features can be observed other than the unusual glow that’s cloaking the device, the recently leaked video provides valuable evidence of the existence of these UFOs.

As the flying object approaches the water, its reflection starts to emerge, making it likely to be an authentic phenomenon. The device then starts to inspect the area as if interested in something. Its features don’t let much to see except for the usual glow and small dip in brightness, but since it was surprised from such a close distance, its size and round shape are clearly visible, thus excluding the possibility of them being piloted by someone. So are these devices remotely controlled, or do they have a mind of their own?

UFO caught

Some of the UFO hunters believe that this luminous sphere could be an unmanned vehicle, sent by some advanced beings who want to keep an eye on the mankind. In their opinion, it is very serious and it clearly shows that they sent a drone to with the purpose to gather information. On the other hand, the fact that this unidentified object hasn’t seen by any human surveillance cameras while it enters into a very restricted zone of a military base raise some question marks. Why the extraterrestrials neglected the fact that this device can be captured by humans? Have they installed some sort of mechanism that could deflect our weapons? Is there any secret communication program among aliens and military?

When you think about the huge black budget, the ultimate thing comes in your mind is that there is a possibility of contact between aliens and humans. There is a huge chance that ‘World’s Powers’ has secretly contacted otherworldly beings using some latest technology that is still hidden from the world. Obviously, they are using the black budgets to develop some sort of advanced technology and there is no second opinion on this topic. But, we don’t have much evidence on that so we can only interpret such cases.

This is a fact that there are a large number of videos on the internet revealing numerous unidentified objects all over the world. In that situation, the best possible answer is that they are trying to keep an eye on the humanity and our behavior. They may have approached our planet more than 100 years ago.

Other than the leaked footage from the Russian military base, TercerMilenio of Youtube compiled other two cases of bright flying spheres, but considering the potential of CGI these days, I do not rule out the possibility of them being manipulated since no relevant features such as reflection or a more detailed image of the material from which the UFO is built-of can be observed. Either this, or they could be organic entities, a hypothesis venturing far from the standard artificially designed devices. Whatever the truth, the provided footage may lead us one step closer towards understanding the widespread UFO phenomenon. What are your thoughts on this?

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