Man Claiming To Be Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Son Could Mean Big Trouble For Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Danny Williams has long claimed to be the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton, and now the 27-year-old black man from Arkansas is putting new pressure on the former President and his presidential-hopeful wife.

Danny’s mother, a prostitute working in Arkansas in the mid-1980s, claimed that she had sex with Bill Clinton when he was the governor of Arkansas. Though her allegations date back to the 1990s, Danny Williams is now reviving the story in what appears to be a bid for attention and acknowledgment.

Williams has started a Facebook page as a public figure, seemingly putting pressure on Bill Clinton to acknowledge him as a son.

“My name is Danny Lee Williams, I’m the son of the 42nd President of the United States -Bill Clinton. He abandon me at birth for political gain,” he wrote, apparently using an alternate spelling of his first name.

According to the mother of Danny, Bobbie Ann William told that she was a prostitute back in 1984 and during those days she met Clinton. Clinton was jogging in a park when he reportedly ran by her. She claimed that Clinton offered her to have a group sex with him. There were two other women in the act while Clinton made her pregnant and left. Williams said that he never paid a single penny for his child since he was completely unaware of his baby.

There is something even more interesting. Alex Jones, who is well known for exposing the conspiracy theories, called a guest who stated that Hillary Clinton has threatened the Danny Williams for talking about this matter in public. She warned them that it would be dangerous if they continue to talk about this case.


But the allegations from Danny Williams may have already been settled. The media watchdog Accuracy in Media looked at the story back when it first surfaced in 1999, noting that evidence seemed to go against Danny’s claim.

“In reporting that the DNA test had cleared Clinton, The Washington Post gave none of this background. Referring to it as ‘a love child story,’ it did not reveal that the mother was a black prostitute. It described her claim as ‘utterly bogus’ and ‘slimy.’ That was how the Washington Post justified its never having reported the story. The Post and others rushed to publicize a bogus claim that DNA tests had proven that Thomas Jefferson had fathered a child by a slave. The British journal that first published the claim has now admitted that it was inaccurate, but as Time‘s headline on the Danny story showed, this has not erased the original error from the minds of all journalists.”

The past incidents clearly indicate that voters of the United States don’t like to vote someone who is involved in this kind of scandal, no matter it is proved or not. So, even if it is just a conspiracy against Hillary, the allegations are expected to hurt her election campaign, resulting in fewer votes.

This was witnessed in the 2000 Republican primary when the Senator John McCain was alleged that he had fathered  a black child out of wedlock.

While that didn’t turn out to be true, the allegation alone was enough for many voters to be put off. Hillary Clinton is already a very polarizing figure, and adding Bill Clinton’s alleged illegitimate son Danny Williams to the mix would likely make it very difficult for her to run in what is an increasingly tight primary against Bernie Sanders.

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