NASA Caught Using Green Screen to Fake Astronaut Footage

A video has been leaked featuring George Bush Sr. visiting NASA which inadvertently shows British Astronaut Tim Peak standing in front of a blue screen with a grid pattern on it. The screen appears to be between him and a film set showing the ISS.

This appears to be the first “behind the scenes” look at how the green screen is used when filming the “experiments” on the ISS, such as the water CGI shots, and other CGI overlay shots. A grid, or key points on a green screen is one way to do motion-overlay/image overlay in after effects.


In order to have a correct reference on the 3d environment in the background, either grids, or key spots are used, and the software then uses that as a reference in which to overlay CGI images on a 3d mesh. Without the reference points, only a single vantage can be used to film (such as what we see when weather people do the nightly news).

Because this is such damaging information, I have a feeling NASA’s only recourse at this point is to release the original footage, with Tim Peake in front of the grid, and the ball, and say it was some sort of “experiment” and the grid and blue screen are there as a way to “Track the ball’s course” or something like that. Even that would make you beg the question why this particular footage hasn’t been released to the public yet. What are they waiting for?

From my point of view, the intention behind this shot was to use it later for some kind of “space demonstration.” Since, the idea get leaked because of a mistake (maybe they did it intentionally), now they might use the original video when the right time comes. They can use it as an attempted straw-man against the use of Green Screen being used.

The most strange thing about this story is that why they haven’t released the footage in public yet. It looks like very similar to the situation when an AstroNOT stands in front of a green screen, one of the most common techniques in Hollywood to make the fake “space” videos. As compared to the recent stuff shown by NASA, The Big Bang Theory has made more convincing CGI of space.

Also, there is another question, Have they done it before as well? Did they provide fake videos of space in the past? Have they really visited the Moon?

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